I think of dramaturgy as being with – being with the topics and questions a research or project deals with, accompanying them towards their becoming as an artistic practice or a piece. Crucial to my dramaturgical work is a practice of cartography: Situating the research/ project within a landscape of discourse, histories, visions, and hopes. All my dramaturgical work is driven by principles of care – towards the research/ project at hand, the artists involved, the context and environment it falls in, as well as the audiences it addresses and receives.


Each process is unique and hence requires a conversation on needs, expectations, and resources before entering a collaboration. Based on former collaborations, the work packages below are most often requested:

– production dramaturgy

– new piece development (from first ideas to making a piece)

– research

– concept development + writing

– feedback sessions/ „outside eye“

– development of encounters with the audience

I base my work on the specific needs of a project and I’m interested in finding out together how to accommodate my services to best fit the situation.

Former collaborations

2022 Würde und Liebe by Ren Saibara at Vierte Welt


2021 Transatlantica by Caroline Alves at Heizhaus Berlin


2021 Hinterhof-Geschichten by inback company (shortfilms)


2020 Bodies Object(s) Borders & Corners by Grupo Oito at Gropius Bau Berlin


2020 Borders & Corners by Grupo Oito premiered at Halle Tanzbühne Berlin


2019 dramaturgical assistance to Ant Hampton research residency at Theater Rampe Stuttgart